CQ - Build Continues

Sometimes Art takes its time, in this case mine. Copper Quad recently had a Doc appt, a few minor things taken care of. Copper skinning has begun and is taking shape nicely. Stop by for Nov Arts Alive to see for yourself.

Post ARTS ALIVE!! May 2018

Cinco de Mayo & ARTS ALIVE all rolled into one fun time. Octo Madness hit the streets and was a big hit, thank you all for the great coments. Feedback such as this continues to fuel my Artistic need to do Art every single dang day.  Next up, functioning 'lectric geetar, copper body almost complete. Standby for more great Art!

Redwood Art Associations 60th Anniversary Exhibition

60 years is a long time to be open especially in the art world. For this Arts Alive showing I'll have Cowboy Roy on display . He's big, all copper and will take all the pictures you can handle. Stop in and see the show, it'll be a barn burner.  ARTS ALIVE - Saturday, February 6, 6-9pm.