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Please take a visual tour through my process of creating copper art. First off start with a great idea/pattern, materials, i.e. gas to burn copper & lots of copper & brass. Take an idea you have and make it reality, welcome to my world. I make what most only dream about.

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Presently I mainly show in the local area of Eureka, CA. but have shown my work from far away places such as Puerto Rico & Guam.  Since my retirement from the USCG in 2008 my full time job is creating one of a kind copper sculpture. Please check my "Upcoming Events" to find my next showing.

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In the Gallery you will find all kinds of work that I have created over the years. Interesting to see how things continue to change even to this day. Some days I maybe making a sculpture from a sketch, the next I may be off making a new fish. Some pieces are for sale others from a certain time frame may not. Thanks for stopping by.