Arts Alive - November 2018

Cardboard skin for the Copper Quad you ask? Why yes, gives me time over time to contemplate whether I like the design I have in front of me. If something doesn’t work then tear it out and do something else. After all its only cardboard found in the dumpster across the street. Free 99 all dang day long!

CQ - Build Continues

Sometimes Art takes its time, in this case mine. Copper Quad recently had a Doc appt, a few minor things taken care of. Copper skinning has begun and is taking shape nicely. Stop by for Nov Arts Alive to see for yourself.

Copper Quad - The Build Continues

Who would of known an idea or thought would take this much time and effort. Things are progressing at a fast build pace. Take your time and knock out the small stuff and soon you’re there, done. Well almost. I’ve learned alot on this project and is fun to take a JoyRide around Old Town.

Post ARTS ALIVE!! May 2018

Cinco de Mayo & ARTS ALIVE all rolled into one fun time. Octo Madness hit the streets and was a big hit, thank you all for the great coments. Feedback such as this continues to fuel my Artistic need to do Art every single dang day.  Next up, functioning 'lectric geetar, copper body almost complete. Standby for more great Art!

Post ARTS ALIVE - Nov 2017

Guess the word is out, still some questions on what the proptery at 2nd & C street old town Eureka is being used for. Tons of people showed, many blazing right past me to step inside the Shark Zone. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, some we chatted, some we drank beer others gone like the wind.  I will be open around Thanksgiving and day after. Cash is King!

Post North Country Fair 2016

Great weekend the last two days, great weather, awesome people. Thank you to all and everyone I spoke to over the weekend either friends or new friends. New ideas have been sparked, some I'll follow through on. You, Joe Public makes this work, thanking everyone for their support it is appreciated.

New Digs!

Yesterday was one of those days you only dream about. I wasn't or haven't been in search of a new studio, mine works just fine. But while out trying to locate some friends getting ready to head out on a year long artist painting adventure did they tell me about the art studios. I had no idea of what they were talking about but had inquired on the property in Old Town Eureka, too much for my wallet. Anyways the old Mendenhall property, (with all the honking geese) is now being converted into art studios. I was shown many and then was shown my future home. Looked pretty bad from outside but inside was perfect, nothing that a little TLC can't fix. So I made the call and met up with the landlord and sealed the deal. In looking back it makes total sense, I need to be accessible to the public and display my work while I work and not pay someone else a commission, win win! So hopefully in the next month or two I'll make the transition to my new C street studio! Thank you!

North Coast Open Studio - Update

Time is fast approaching for Open Studios! I have been very busy producing new fishes and have recently completed my goal of at least 25 new King & Queen salmon. All fish are hand made of copper and hang from fishing line. Small, very cool and can be hung pretty much anywhere you have a free space on the ceiling. I'll be open both weekends, see you then.

North Coast Open Studios

Like Art? Mark on your calendar first two weekends in June 2016 I'll be open for North Coast Open Studios, this will be my third year participating. I'll be conducting hands on demos on "how to make copper earrings". You the general Art loving public get to try your hand too. For a mere $25 bucks I'll show you how to make one side of an earring, then you make the other. When were done you get to take with you or wear if you prefer!

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

Redwood Art Associations 60th Anniversary Exhibition

60 years is a long time to be open especially in the art world. For this Arts Alive showing I'll have Cowboy Roy on display . He's big, all copper and will take all the pictures you can handle. Stop in and see the show, it'll be a barn burner.  ARTS ALIVE - Saturday, February 6, 6-9pm.

Curtis Otto - A day of remembering

Curtis Otto - A day of remembering

I didn't know Curtis Otto all that well but I did know him well enough to be art pals even in the little time I knew him. Always stopped and talked art at whatever shows he may of been doing and talked about doing an art for art trade. Yes he was very interested but didn't transpire until one day after taking down a show and driving home on E street did I stop at Otto's house. Can't help but miss it, paintings everywhere outside the front of house, garage doors wide open. So I stopped and got his attention and said come check out this. Showed him two bins full of sculptures in the back of my truck, he said "bring em in". So we did, he picked through a bunch and found two he liked and set aside. Now for me to try and decide on a painting. If you've never been inside his house it was completely full of paintings, paintings EVERYWHERE! I knew he had good stuff stashed in the garage and asked if we could check that out, so we did. That's where I found this painting and asked how much, he said he didn't want to sell, maybe something to the effect it wasn't done. So we brought it back in the house and put with all the others. He kept raising the price where I had to say hey wait a minute, so in the end he ended up with the two copper sculptures I had made & I ended up with this kick ass painting. He said to me he liked to "time stamp" stuff, obviously so in alot of his paintings and that's what he said he liked about my stuff, a time in space & place. Rock on my artist friend. Paint that wild ass painting wherever you maybe.

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