Copper Quad Art Car

Guess it’s been awhile since I’ve added to my log. Copper Quad copper skinning has been completed entire frame has been primed & painted. Copper skin have all been riveted together. Have experienced a few breakdowns due to the additional weight of the body. Two broken front spokes, wheels in for repairs. Then forward mounting bracket broke. No problem easy fix just need to beef up the weld, good to go! Arts Alive April 6, 6-9pm!

Arts Alive - November 2018

Cardboard skin for the Copper Quad you ask? Why yes, gives me time over time to contemplate whether I like the design I have in front of me. If something doesn’t work then tear it out and do something else. After all its only cardboard found in the dumpster across the street. Free 99 all dang day long!

CQ - Build Continues

Sometimes Art takes its time, in this case mine. Copper Quad recently had a Doc appt, a few minor things taken care of. Copper skinning has begun and is taking shape nicely. Stop by for Nov Arts Alive to see for yourself.

Copper Quad - The Build Continues

Who would of known an idea or thought would take this much time and effort. Things are progressing at a fast build pace. Take your time and knock out the small stuff and soon you’re there, done. Well almost. I’ve learned alot on this project and is fun to take a JoyRide around Old Town.

Post ARTS ALIVE!! May 2018

Cinco de Mayo & ARTS ALIVE all rolled into one fun time. Octo Madness hit the streets and was a big hit, thank you all for the great coments. Feedback such as this continues to fuel my Artistic need to do Art every single dang day.  Next up, functioning 'lectric geetar, copper body almost complete. Standby for more great Art!

ARTS ALIVE - April 2018

Intent was to have the Octopus on full display be we ran into some technical electrical difficulties. Octo pends arm surgery scheduled for next week. Once surgery has been successfully completed by me then 3-4 weeks recovery time. Should be enough time for May Arts Alive. Stop on by and check out some new acrylic paintings I recently did.

Post ARTS ALIVE - Nov 2017

Guess the word is out, still some questions on what the proptery at 2nd & C street old town Eureka is being used for. Tons of people showed, many blazing right past me to step inside the Shark Zone. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, some we chatted, some we drank beer others gone like the wind.  I will be open around Thanksgiving and day after. Cash is King!

Live Draw

Winter time is slow time - NOT! Still chugging away making copper boats as of late but in the interim on some evenings I've been sketching live models. Start out with one minute time limits and then work up to 5-10-15 and maybe 20min max. The one minute sessions are not easy but you do get a lot out of it later. 15min is the perfect time for me since I've been doing 15 min sketches for years. I'm finding I have time to get the person drawn in and then shading too, cuz once the time is up the model moves and is gone forever. Capture what you see now!

Art Update - Introducing "Super Dog and his trusty Fire hydrant"!

Been a month and half now since I've moved to new digs in Old Town Eureka. Getting adjusted to a new work place has taken some getting used to. New sounds come with it. Might hear a Harley cracking off on the throttle or construction noise. Once I'm in the studio and burning copper I forget where I am and am in the moment. Art is good for the heart and soul, forget about the outside stuff, even just for a little while.