New Digs!

Yesterday was one of those days you only dream about. I wasn't or haven't been in search of a new studio, mine works just fine. But while out trying to locate some friends getting ready to head out on a year long artist painting adventure did they tell me about the art studios. I had no idea of what they were talking about but had inquired on the property in Old Town Eureka, too much for my wallet. Anyways the old Mendenhall property, (with all the honking geese) is now being converted into art studios. I was shown many and then was shown my future home. Looked pretty bad from outside but inside was perfect, nothing that a little TLC can't fix. So I made the call and met up with the landlord and sealed the deal. In looking back it makes total sense, I need to be accessible to the public and display my work while I work and not pay someone else a commission, win win! So hopefully in the next month or two I'll make the transition to my new C street studio! Thank you!